Greenville Women Giving is a 500+ woman-strong philanthropic organization serving Greenville County, South Carolina.

Who We Are

We were founded in 2006 on the idea that women, when informed about philanthropy and about needs in their community, can collectively make a real difference.

Membership is open to any woman who commits to donating $1,300 per year for three years to the collective fund. $1,000 goes immediately into the current year’s fund, and $300 helps to defray our program and operational costs.

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Our Mission

To work collectively to identify and fund nonprofit organizations in the areas of arts, education, environment, health and human services in Greenville County, SC.

Our Vision

To be a powerful organization of knowledgeable women serving as catalysts for improving the quality of life in Greenville County through collective grant-making.

To be a leader in women’s philanthropy by educating, engaging and inspiring our members, nonprofit organizations and community stakeholders to foster change in our community.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Greenville Women Giving is committed to diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and accountability in our grant-making, programming, leadership, and membership.

What We Do

We take a holistic view of our community, and together fund and accomplish what few of us could do on our own.

In addition, GWG offers educational opportunities throughout the year so women can learn about community needs and opportunities, and the organizations that are attempting to address them. And while our goals are serious, we make many new friends and have a lot of fun while reaching them.

Giving Collectively

Granting Strategically

Growing a Greater Greenville