Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Conflict of Interest Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement

Members of the Board of Directors and members of the Grants Review Committee must complete the form below.

  • Conflict of Interest

    I have listed below all charitable and governmental organizations which are potentially eligible* for competitive grants from Greenville Women Giving (whether or not any application for a grant is pending) with which I or any member of my immediate family** is affiliated as a member of the Board of Directors or similar governing body, trustee, officer, member of committee or subcommittee, employee, consultant, or volunteer staff.

    * An eligible organization may be a non-profit or governmental entity working in Greenville County in the areas of arts & culture, education, environment, health or human services.
    ** Immediate family is defined as spouse, parents, children, and spouse of children.
  • Organization(s)PositionSelf or Family 

  • Confidentiality Agreement

    It is the policy of Greenville Women Giving that all members of the Grants Review Committee will not disclose confidential information belonging to or obtained through their affiliation with GWG and/or the Grants Review Process to any persons outside of the committee itself unless authorized by GWG to do so. That includes relatives, friends, business associates, applicants and GWG members outside of the Grants Review Committee. Information about grant evaluations, grant selection, site visits and grant recipients should be held in the strictest confidence. All questions about the status of a grant application should be directed to the Chair or Vice Chair for Grants Review.

  • Acknowledgements

    By signing below I acknowledge that I have received, reviewed and agree to abide by the GWG Policy on Conflict and Duality of Interest . In the list above I have disclosed potential conflicts of interest. I have read, understand and agree to abide by the Confidentiality Agreement stated above. I understand that typing my full name and submitting this form serves as a binding signature.

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