Committee Descriptions

Greenville Women Giving Committees

To join a committee, please email and include your name and committee interests.

The Education Committee plans and implements informative education sessions for our members in each of our five granting areas (arts, education, environment, health and human services).  In January, the committee meets and begins planning events for the following year.  Two or three members are assigned to schedule and arrange each event, with planning completed by April.  The committee hosts the five education sessions and occasional field trips between September and March. The committee works closely with the Membership Committee in making the sessions member- and guest-friendly.

Grants Review
Grants Review is responsible for evaluating grant applications, conducting site visits, and nominating projects/programs for voting by all GWG members.  The Committee ensures that the grant-making process is fair, interactive and inclusive.  Committee members are enlisted in the fall.  Time commitment:  Mid-January through early April.  Members are expected to attend 4 – 6 meetings during this time and make site visits to selected grant applicants.

Grants Assessment
Grants Assessment ensures that the planned outcomes of each grant are being accomplished within the accepted timeline and budget. Each member, who must have Grants Review experience, becomes a liaison to one grantee. She will visit the grantee and submit a Site Visit report in the fall, a Progress Report in the winter, and will ensure completion of the grantee’s Final Report. She will be expected to attend 3 meetings.

The Membership Committee is tasked with recruiting new GWG members, as well as working to retain and engage existing members.  Committee members plan multiple events for prospective members, provide follow up and pair a GWG member Mentor with each new member.  They meet and greet at all GWG events, including Fall Kickoff, Annual Meeting, Education events, and Members Only luncheon. The Committee meets a minimum of 2-3 times per year for planning.  If you enjoy meeting lots of people, this may be the committee for you.

Special Events
The Special Events Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the the Fall Kick-off Meeting in September and the Annual Meeting in May, with program input from the GWG co-chairs.  They also help with Ballot Showcase in April. The committee meets to assess venues and plan events, and also communicates via telephone and e-mail.

Have a background in marketing or sales?  Not afraid to ask for the order?  Join the ad hoc Sponsorship Committee.  We are looking for a few good women who will help GWG increase our number of supporters and spread the word about our impact on the community.  If you are interested, contact Diane Perlmutter

This  program matches a new member who requests a Mentor with an established member as a means of orienting and introducing them to GWG. Participation is an individual commitment to be a guide to a new member, contacting them directly after they first join and personally inviting them to events throughout their first year of membership.  Your responsibility is to make them feel welcome. This is a fun and easy way  to make a new friend and help GWG retain membership.