Honor the Women Who Have Encouraged and Inspired You.

Who is a SHEro?

For a young girl, it could be a mother, sister, grandmother or aunt. And as her world expands, perhaps a teacher, doctor, church leader or coach who encourages her dream and becomes an inspiration. Later, inspiration is everywhere – a friend, a daughter or daughter-in-law, and the list goes on.

The reality is: behind every strong woman there are other strong women.

Honor a SHEro Today

Honor your SHEroes.

Greenville Women Giving is creating a way for its supporters to honor the women who have encouraged and inspired them, through a contribution to the GWG Endowment. The Endowment was established at the culmination of GWG’s Tenth Anniversary to ensure the continued impact of women giving collectively, granting strategically and growing a greater Greenville.

How will GWG honor the SHEroes?

In the May issue of Greenville Journal, there will be a full page ad listing every SHEro and the person who is honoring or memorializing her. For example,

Susan Smith, Mother of Alice Smith or
Betty Jones, 5th grade teacher of Alice Smith

For each SHEro a special card will be sent informing her, or the designee, of your choice of this recognition and your donation (but not the amount) made in her honor.

What do I need to do to honor a SHEro?

A minimum donation of $50 per SHEro to the GWG Endowment will allow you to honor the women who have encouraged and inspired you.

There is no limit to how many women you can honor. 

Honor a SHEro Today

Is honoring a SHEro limited to GWG members?

No. Our initial outreach will be to members, but it is our hope others will join us. We would like this to become an annual occasion where any person who has a SHEro, or who cares about the future of Greenville County, will participate. For example,

Betty Jones
Grandmother of Alex and Sara Laster

GWG Endowment

GWG is an important part of the philanthropic fabric of Greenville County. The endowment has two objectives, (1) to help ensure the current level of participation in perpetuity and (2) to allow for contributing to community needs that do not fall into the annual grant cycle. The management and investment of the GWG Endowment is overseen by the Finance and Investment Committee of the Community Foundation of Greenville.


Honor a SHEro Today

If you prefer to complete a paper form, simply click here for a printable pdf.

All Donations Must be made by April 25th in order to be featured in the Greenville Journal