The grant-making process is conducted with integrity, fiscal responsibility, and respect and fairness to community organizations and to Greenville Women Giving members.

Information Sessions

Information sessions will be conducted to help non-profits better understand the Greenville Women Giving grant application process and priorities. Potential applicants interested in learning more are encouraged to attend one of these sessions to ensure they are aware of all guidelines. Please RSVP to

Grant Process

In 2020, GWG intends to award at least 1 grant in each of our 5 focus areas:  Arts and Culture, Education, Environment, Health, and Human Services. The top-ranked grant request in each focus area will be awarded, but we will not attempt to fund each category equally. The remainder of the funds will be distributed to organizations, based on GWG members’ votes, without regard to focus. Grant amounts will range between $50,000 and $100,000.

The grants fund is a pooled fund comprised of annual contributions of $1,000 from each member of Greenville Women Giving and any additional donations designated for this purpose. All money contributed to the pooled fund will be awarded at the spring Annual Meeting.

The Grants Review Committee, composed of all members who wish to serve, researches and analyzes community needs, taking into account potential collaboration among organizations. The grant-making process is thorough and participative.

From community organizations applying for grants, the Grants Review Committee selects those to receive site visits and additional consideration. Site visits typically take place from mid January to early February. Applicants are expected to meet with Committee Members in a timely fashion.

The Grants Review Committee selects a slate of proposals to be placed on the ballot presented to the membership for their vote.

Ballot finalists are expected to send two representatives to the Ballot Showcase that will be held in April for all members of GWG to gain a better understanding of the grants on the final ballot.

Each member of Greenville Women Giving votes by ranking the proposals listed on the ballot.

Each successfully funded organization will be obligated to meet the requirements of the Greenville Women Giving Grants Assessment Committee, including filing progress and final reports.

Eligibility for Funding

Applicants must be located within or offering services to the citizens of Greenville County, South Carolina and qualify as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or under the auspices of a qualified fiscal agent, or be classified as a unit of government.

Grant applications must be for programs or projects within Greenville County, South Carolina.

Organizations must not discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief.

Each organization may submit only one application per year. Exceptions are made for organizations that have 5 or more locations within Greenville County AND have at least 5,000 employees.

Projects accepted for a 1-year grant must be able to be completed, and final report submitted, by June 30, 2021; 2-year grants must be able to be completed, and final report submitted, by June 30, 2022.

Current GWG grant recipients may apply for another grant only after they have successfully completed the assessment process. The GWG grant cycle runs from May (when the grants are awarded) until June of the following year (when grant assessments are completed). In the case of 2-year grants, the end of the grant cycle is in June two years after the awarding of the grant. Organizations are not eligible to apply for another grant until the end of the grant cycle for which they have received funding. In other words, since the end of the grant cycle falls after the application deadline, organizations will not be permitted to submit an application for the year after they received a grant (or two years after in the case of a 2-year grant), even if the project has been completed prior to the application deadline. Otherwise, there are no limits on the number of times an organization may apply for a GWG grant.

Funding Priorities

The intent of Greenville Women Giving is to award grants that have the potential for high impact and significant positive change in the Greenville community. Therefore, GWG gives priority to projects that:

  • Focus on one or more of the Greenville Women Giving funding areas:
    – Arts and Culture
    – Education
    – Environment
    – Health
    – Human Services
  • Address a community need, an emerging community need, and/or provide a new, creative approach to a community need.
  • Offer opportunities for collaboration and foster partnerships, as well as leverage other funding sources.
  • Demonstrate the ability to achieve measurable results, provide clear action steps and a reasonable timeline and can show a clear plan for sustainability of the project (if appropriate).
  • Clearly reflect how the grant funds will be used to accomplish the outlined goals and objectives.

Areas Not Funded

Greenville Women Giving does NOT provide funding for:

  • Endowments
  • Travel expenses and conferences
  • Re-granting to other organizations
  • Projects that are restricted to specific religious or political views
  • Projects outside of Greenville County